Firewood Logs

We supply good quality hardwood seasoned logs at reasonable prices. Our firewood price list stays the same all year round, and won’t shoot up when the temperature plummets.

Our wood is split and ready to burn- perfect to throw on the stove or open fire. It comes moisture tested to ensure that it is properly seasoned and will burn at optimum temperature. The wood is partly from a sustainable Lincolnshire woodland and from selective trees taken down by Ross Jones Tree Services Ltd.

The logs have been on the ground for between 6 and 24 months and have been air dried until they reach a suitable moisture content.

Hardwood logs burn slower and hotter than soft wood, meaning that the replacement rate is much slower, proving to be more cost effective.

Delivery is free to North East Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. Further afield, there is a small delivery charge depending on distance.
We now have the facility to offer on site log splitting. Contact us for further information or a quotation.

A builders bag of seasoned hardwood logs is just £65 a builders bag.